Set of Animalistic Paint Schemes

A set of new paint schemes and nose arts in an animalistic style were created for a number of the most popular aircraft. This set of extraordinary decorations will help players emphasise the character of their warplanes and give more individuality to them.

For each aircraft from the list below, there is a unique paint scheme in an animalistic style and a separate nose art showing an animal itself:

  • I-17
  • Yak-7
  • IL-2
  • IL-2 (mod.)
  • I-260
  • IL-40
  • Spitfire I
  • Seafang
  • P-40
  • F5U
  • XP-58
  • Bf 110B
  • Bf 109B
  • Spitfire V DB605

Moving Rear Guns

A visual effect of moving rear guns and animations for rear gunners were added into the test mode. Now it is possible to see rear gunners tracking a target and firing at it. Also, the animation for firing with rear guns was added. Currently, the system is being tested on the following aircraft:

  • Blenheim F
  • IL-2 (t)


Increased Hangar performance speed when opening the "Paint Shop" tab.

Increased speed when opening the "Depot" tab: now the sections "Sell" and "Purchase", and all goods categories (Consumables, Equipment etc.), are loaded separately, which reduces the time it takes to open.


We have completely reworked the sound system for aircraft engines during battle. The previous version did not create a proper flight and air-fight atmosphere and poorly informed players about the positions of other aircraft in the air. The system is now based on a new logic of processing movement speeds and vectors of aircraft around a player, that was developed from scratch. Also, all sounds were completely changed, which ensures not only a more atmospheric and cinematic sound when aircraft fly at high speed close to each other, but also a clear understanding of the positions of other aircraft.

We also completely reworked the sound of air and wind around aircraft during battle. The sounds are more atmospheric and informative now. The system responds to the player's actions and camera position, as well as to what happens to the aircraft in battle.

A new priority system for sounds has also been implemented: Depending on the situation in battle, the system dynamically adjusts the balance-of-sound mix, making more important sounds at certain moments more audible than others. For example, messages about hit targets and damage, as well as sounds of fire, hits, and the engine, are put in the foreground during the more intense moments of battle. During less intense moments, secondary sounds creating a general flight atmosphere (e.g., wind, engine droning, etc.) are more prominent in the foreground.


Added an option for converting Free Experience accumulated on the account to crew experience at a rate of one to five. This will allow players to unlock new skill points more quickly.

Increased the effect of the pilot skill "Fire Resistance" from 10% to 20%.

Increased the effect of the pilot skill "Aerodynamics Expert" from 20% to 40%. The effect is now also applied to the equipment "Engine Tuning".

Increased the effect of the pilot skill "Protection Expert" from 20% to 40%.

Made a number of visual and text improvements to the crew interface.


Changed the order of lessons: To start the lesson "Ground Target Assault", it is now necessary to win one Standard battle first.

Changed the award for completing the tutorial. Players will receive the following awards:

Lesson 1 "Gunnery Practice": 10

Lesson 2 "Team Air Combat": 20

Lesson 3 "Ground Target Assault": 150

Lesson 4 "Dogfight Training": 20

New Aircraft

New Bonus Aircraft

Blériot-SPAD S.510: French Tier II fighter

Balance Changes for Aircraft

System Fixes to Aircraft

Increased the chance of fire and critical damage to the wings and tail of all heavy fighters. Now these values are close to that of multirole fighters.

Improved the target-choosing system for rear gunners. A rear gun now chooses targets posing a threat to the player's aircraft more effectively.

Increased the hitboxes of all rear gunners. Injuries to rear gunners were rare before – they will be injured more often now.

Increased the burst length of rear guns, as part of improvements done to the visual representation of firing rear guns in the Blenheim and IL-2 (t).

Balance Changes for Particular Aircraft


Ki-43-Ic: significantly increased its dynamics, manoeuvrability, and weapon accuracy. Durability was reduced.


Consumables and Equipment

Changed the parameters of the equipment "Reinforced Airframe": increased the bonus to HP (+15%) and reduced the chance of receiving critical damage (+10% to resistance).

Changed the effects provided by consumables: "Engine Ventilation" now restores 40% of boost duration, "Engine Cooling" restores 70% of boost duration, and "Emergency Engine Cooling" restores 50%. "Engine Cooling" no longer provides three seconds of protection from engine heating after use. These consumables can now be used only once per battle.

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