World of Warplanes

Breathtaking air battles with planes from the golden era of military aviation in a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game.

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British planes are very diverse and you can find everything you desire among them. From light and manoeuvrable fighters that are effective in close combat, to deadly heavy fighters that can repel a superior enemy force.

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Team Play

Even the best of the best are powerless when the enemy is hot on their tail! Join flights, coordinate your actions with your allies, use terrain to your advantage, intercept enemies and destroy ground targets.
Achieve victory together!

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Plane Classes and Development

Train your battle skills for the three classes which each have their own unique planes, equipment, tactical roles and behaviour in battle. Improve the stats of more than 130 aircraft with various mounted weaponry, engines and airframes.

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Heavy Fighters

Dominate at high altitudes, intercept with diving attacks and quickly disappear into the sky again.

Heavy fighters are able to fire from long distances. They may have worse characteristics in terms of manoeuvrability than fighters but are superior in strength and firepower.

They are effective against ground attack planes and other heavy fighters and are great for destroying ground targets that are not protected by anti-aircraft artillery positions.

Attack Aircraft

These planes are able to change the outcome of a battle when wisely used against enemy ground targets.

They are equipped with heavy assault weapons and are well armoured. These aircraft can withstand the fire of anti-aircraft guns and the attacks of enemy fighters.

As well as their absolute superiority in head-on attacks, they can also cause serious damage to enemy planes caught in their crossfire thanks to their very powerful guns.


The backbone of air forces, fighers largely determine the outcome of a battle. Speedy ​​and manoeuvrable, these aircraft are designed mainly to seek and destroy enemy aircraft.

Depending on the characteristics of a particular plane, a fighter can have an effect on vertical or horizontal combat situations, use terrain, destroy the enemy with quick bursts of fire or exhaust an opponent through twisting and turning.

They are more effective grouped into flights and provide invaluable cover work for ground attack planes and heavy fighters when they're working on destroying ground targets.


Get Airborne! The Skies Await You!

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