Premium Shop: Instant Buy

This week we try to change your preconceived notions of how good you think a Premium Shop offer can be by offering you some new deals that are even better!

Special: Doolittle Raid

Collect extra XP as well as cheap U.S. and Japanese aircraft in honour of our latest history-laden special.

Developers Blog: A Few Words on Communication

In light of recent events, the developers want to take a few moments to talk about what our future communication plan looks like.

Special: Made in Germany

Grab substantial discounts all the way up to Tier X in our newest three-week-long special dedicated to German Attack Aircraft.

Premium Shop: Birthday Wishes important

We take the opportunity to put out a bunch of great packages to celebrate World of Tanks’ fourth EU server anniversary.

Special: MiG Alley

Decide the winner in the ultimate standoff between the two sworn enemies of the North Korean war: the MiG-15 and the F-86 Sabre!

New Feature: Clan Message Boards in the Clan Profile important

Check out this new clan portal function and improve the quality of communication with your clan!

April Wallpaper and Calendar

April is here and it’s time to let in a gust of fresh air – courtesy of the high-tier jet that graces our newest desktop wallpaper.

Premium Shop: Too Good to Be True? important

Only a few days after a hilarious April Fools’, we come out with a Premium Shop package that still sounds like it’s too good to be true – only this time it’s real!

Special: Operation Flax important

Relive the final clash between Allied and Axis forces during the North African campaign and benefit from great bonuses and discounts!

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