New Control Method: Voice Commands important

In a game that’s all about control, voice commands are set to bring a new level of steering comfort unrivalled by any other input method.

Premium Shop: Armed & Dangerous important

Discover two new, exciting offers among our monthly propositions for April to save a great deal of money on every bundle you buy.

Monthly Missions – Keeping Busy important

Stay busy throughout the month of April to win free consumables, Premium and even a Hangar Slot!

Special: Ilyushin’s Legacy important

The XP-grabbing onslaught continues with another x3 XP special in honour of Sergey Ilyushin’s birthday anniversary!

Premium Shop: An Offer to Remember important

This week we bring you a new batch of Premium Shop offers so good, that you’ll remember their awesomeness for a long time to come.

Special: Flying on Water important

Grab massive amounts of fresh XP while honouring the technological advancement in aviation during our latest weekend special!

Premium Shop: Diplomatic Relationship important

Are you a supporter of Chinese domination or a fan of the Soviet stride for excellence? Pick your favourite corresponding offer from our Premium Shop selection this week!

Special: Who Says Planes Can’t Multi-Task? important

Be an air sniper, a fierce ground pounder and a reliable scout – all at the same time during this weekend’s special celebrating Multirole Aircraft.

Daily Missions Deactivated for Overhaul

The new mission type was deactivated on Wednesday to allow for a complete overhaul of the feature.

Saint Patrick’s Day Gift for Everyone important

Wargaming wants to thank you for your continued support by giving away a special Saint Patrick’s Day gift to every one of our pilots. Find out what it is right here!

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