Monthly Missions: German Ground Pounder important

Meet the first German Ground Attack Aircraft in our monthly missions for October!

Mapping the Progress: Harbor

Today we look at Harbor, one of the oldest maps in the game and compare its latest 2.0 version to the original design from almost two years ago.

Premium Shop: Autumn Blues Remedy important

The best cure for a severe case of the ‘Autumn Blues’ is a fresh array of brand new Premium Shop offers at attractive prices!

Special: Four Blades In the Wind important

You had best start counting the blades on your plane’s propeller, pilots, because this weekend four-blade planes will be the kings of the sky

Change Your Password Event

We are launching a “Change Your Password” event. During this event, every player that changes their password will receive 300 gold in their account.

Stats of War – Episode 7 important

This week we take a look at the stats behind German aircraft production in WWII!

Premium Shop: Supply and Demand important

You demand a batch of hot, new offers for the Premium Shop and we humbly supply!

Special: Battles of Khalkin-Gol important

Today we shine a light on a decisive series of battles between two unlikely opponents that shaped the course of WWII before it even began.

Premium Shop: Offers For the Masses important

Are you looking to go on a Premium Shop shopping spree? Check out our catalogue of offers to see what’s in stock this week!

Special: Battle of Saint-Mihiel important

This week we travel back in time to the Battle of Saint-Mihiel, which constituted the largest air battle of WWI.

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