Special: Gaining Altitude


It’s time to give your elevators a much needed work-out and pitch your planes to the sky for some serious gain of altitude. Get high above the clouds and reap additional rewards to make testing the game just a little bit sweeter!

You can look forward to the following bonuses in the game during this week’s special:


Triple experience for the first three victories in the game with each plane

This weekend, just as your altitude meter spins upward, so will your XP counter!


50% Discount on equipment

Want to save big on that ‘Improved Reflector Sight’ that you’ve been eyeing? Act now!


The special runs from Friday 25th October 08:00 CEST (GMT +2) until Monday October 28th 06:30 CET (GMT +1).


Now go and test that rate of climb to see how high you can get, Pilots!

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