Introducing the World of Warplanes Mobile Assistant

Do you want to keep track of all the latest World of Warplanes news on your mobile device? Perhaps you want to check your battle statistics, or look up plane data in the encyclopaedia. If so, then you need the World of Warplanes Assistant!

This is a completely free mobile application that will give you all the data you need about your account. We are pleased to announce that an initial version, 0.9 is now available for IOS.

This pre-release version contains the following features:

  • Check data and statistics for any of the planes in the game
  • Quickly compare planes of the same class
  • Form a comparison list for the same class using tactical and technical characteristics
  • Quickly search for any aircraft using filters
  • Get more information on in-game characteristics without needing an internet connection.

This is just the starting point for what is planned for the app. Future full release versions will include features such as:

  • Player statistics
  • Specific data on the planes in your hangar
  • News feed
  • Comparisons between two planes of any class
  • Full support for Android devices.

This pre-release version can be downloaded for free now!


Download World of Warplanes Assistant for IOS


Keep an eye out for news updates about new versions and features!


Stay in touch, Pilots!

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