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Stats of War – Episode 9

In this episode we take a look at the top 5 most-anticipated features of update 1.6!

Premium Shop: Soviet Warhawk On the Prowl important

Get in the mood for some aviculture this week as we feature a Soviet Warhawk in the Premium Shop!

Win Tickets with Wargaming for the Golden Joystick Awards – London, 24 October important

Wargaming are giving you the chance to attend the legendary Golden Joystick Awards 2014!

Special: Battle of Leyte Gulf important

We travel back in time to October 1944 when a huge battle rocked the South Pacific during a massive encounter between U.S. and Japanese forces at Leyte Gulf!

[UPDATE] Second Public Test of Update 1.6 important

Check out all the features of the next update before its release by participating in the public test of the upcoming version of World of Warplanes.

Preview: Meet the New Premium Planes of Version 1.6

The upcoming Version 1.6 is going to introduce five new Tier VII Premium aircraft that we want to introduce you to today. Check them out!

Premium Shop: Sometimes Less Is More important

Instead of overwhelming you with masses of new offers, this week, we concentrate on a select few that are bound to spark your attention.

Special: Faster Than Sound important

Earn triple XP, massive amounts of credits and enjoy a healthy discount on hangar slots in our latest history special dedicated to Chuck Yeager’s amazing feat from 1947.

Developers Blog: Fire Mechanics & Visibility System

Our developers took to their favourite blog to explain fire mechanics and the secrets of the game’s visibility system. Learn all about it right here!

Special: Soviet Trail Blazers important

After highlighting American Heavies in September, this month we venture back across the big pond to focus on the light but powerful Soviet Lavochkin fighters!

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