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Special: Pioneers of the Sky important

Our last history special of the year tells the story of Wilbur and Orville Wright, who became the first two men to fly an engine-powered aircraft all the way back in 1903.

New Snowball Fight Game Mode Launched! important

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to be shooting snowballs from a flying saucer at other UFOs? Log into the game right now and find out!

Complete New Fun Quests and Win a Plane! important

Try your luck at over 25 new holiday missions and win the exclusive Dornier Do 17Z-7 Kauz bomber to enlarge your fleet!

World of Warplanes’ Advent Calendar - Day 22 important

24 days, 24 different offers and gifts to discover! Find out what’s waiting for you today!

Creative Winter Contest – Win Epic Prizes!

Prove your drawing skills by painting us a wintery postcard and win prizes worth thousands of Euros!

End of the Year Update 1.6.3 Released important

Ring in the holiday season with 2014’s last big update, bringing you a new aircraft, plenty of bug fixes, hidden surprises and more!

Yak-3RD Winter Marathon important

Finish five fast and furious missions and get the incredibly fun-to-play Yak-3RD Premium fighter for free!

Developers Blog: Fine-Tuning the Controls

Are you a control junkie? Then you’ll want to know every last bit of information from our latest blog article on the subject of how to best personalise the input to your game.

Winter Festivities – Contests, Community Events and More! important

Check out what we’ve got in store for this winter’s epic celebrations!

End of the Year Festivities Overview important

Take a look at the amazing collection of events, sales, missions and contests that are waiting for you over the coming four weeks!

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