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Developers Blog: New Flights & Balance Continued

We continue our insight into balancing the game with important news regarding flights and the first part of our Q&A with balancing designer Anton Muskeev.

Premium Shop: Bird Attack

Pick up one of the most coveted Premium warbirds in the game from our freshly resupplied Premium Shop selection.

Union Jack’s Heavy Hitters

Grab additional XP as you collect major style points for flying only the most distinguished of British aircraft this weekend!

Developers Blog: Balancing the Game

This week, balancing designer Anton Muskeev gives you an insight how he and his team approach balancing in World of Warplanes.

Special: Operation Calendar

Fans of the Spitfire will have plenty of fun with this week’s special, telling the unusual tale of a ‘Club Run’ gone horribly wrong.

Premium Shop: Instant Buy

This week we try to change your preconceived notions of how good you think a Premium Shop offer can be by offering you some new deals that are even better!

Special: Doolittle Raid

Collect extra XP as well as cheap U.S. and Japanese aircraft in honour of our latest history-laden special.

Developers Blog: A Few Words on Communication

In light of recent events, the developers want to take a few moments to talk about what our future communication plan looks like.

Special: Made in Germany

Grab substantial discounts all the way up to Tier X in our newest three-week-long special dedicated to German Attack Aircraft.

Premium Shop: Birthday Wishes

We take the opportunity to put out a bunch of great packages to celebrate World of Tanks’ fourth EU server anniversary.

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