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Anniversary Artwork Contest

Awaken the artist inside you and participate in our Anniversary Artwork Contest to win model aircraft, Premium playing time and lots of gold!

Anniversary “My Epic Video” Contest important

If a picture says more than a thousand words, guess what you can say with a video at 24 pictures per second! Win epic prizes in our grand video competition!

Premium Shop: Cleaning Out Our Closet important

Discover the two amazing new packages that we found while cleaning out the Premium Shop after last week’s shenanigans.

Special: Operation Uranus important

Delve into the depths of WWII history as we shine a light on one of the largest clashes between the Soviet and Axis forces during the Battle of Stalingrad.

Special: Heavy Germans important

German Heavy Fighters are the stars of this month’s aircraft line tribute special. Check them out and make use of great discounts right here!

Premium Shop: Anniversary Week Offers

Help yourself to some fine deals à la carte as we continue the celebration of our first World of Warplanes anniversary in the Premium Shop!

Retrospective: World of Warplanes’ First Year In Review

We take a look at how the game evolved over its first year and give you a little glimpse of what to expect in the future.

Special: One Year Airborne!

Come celebrate our first anniversary by taking part in the biggest party we’ve ever thrown! Expect epic discounts, huge bonuses, gift aircraft and awesomeness galore!

Common Clans Coming To World of Warplanes important

Join a clan, play together, share resources and dominate your opponents across all Wargaming titles thanks to the new unified clan system!

New Forum-Based Clan Wars for Europe important

Did you play in our previous forum-based Clan Wars for Warplanes? We’re doing it again and this time everyone plays on the same map!

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