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Special: International Women’s Day important

Celebrate the ladies in your life with our dedicated International Women’s Day special this weekend and grab some great discounts in the process!

March Wallpaper and Calendar

Get one of the best German Attack Aircraft of the game on your desktop today!

Video: The New Attack Aircraft of Version 1.7

See the German contenders as they bruise, brawl and batter their way through enemy ground targets, and get inspired to unlock them for your own hangar in-game!

Special: Dragon’s Birthday important

In honour of the Spitfire’s first flight 79 years ago, we are discounting every aircraft that is fortunate enough to carry this legendary name. Pick up your favourite today!

Premium Shop: A Myriad of Choice important

Choose from four differently-stacked packages to find the combination of Gold, Credits and Premium Account that works best for you!

Monthly Missions: The Thunder from Down Under important

Complete five out of six hidden missions throughout March to win the first Australian aircraft in the game!

Premium Shop: Welcoming the Newcomers important

This week’s Premium Shop line-up introduces three new, enticing packages that are bound to find numerous suitors amongst our players.

Special: The Sky is Yours important

Huge discounts on everything from Premium Aircraft to crew items are up for grabs in this weekend’s special!

New Player Comparison Feature Added

Our web development team has added a new Player Comparison tool, making comparing player stats easier than ever before!

This Day in History: Great Los Angeles Air Raid

Learn the incredible story of the only supposed air raid on U.S. mainland in history as it happened on 24 February in 1942.

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