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Stats of War – Episode 7 important

This week we take a look at the stats behind German aircraft production in WWII!

Premium Shop: Supply and Demand important

You demand a batch of hot, new offers for the Premium Shop and we humbly supply!

Special: Battles of Khalkin-Gol important

Today we shine a light on a decisive series of battles between two unlikely opponents that shaped the course of WWII before it even began.

Premium Shop: Offers For the Masses important

Are you looking to go on a Premium Shop shopping spree? Check out our catalogue of offers to see what’s in stock this week!

Special: Battle of Saint-Mihiel important

This week we travel back in time to the Battle of Saint-Mihiel, which constituted the largest air battle of WWI.

Developers Blog: Why Did We Hide The Crew?

In this week’s latest blog entry, our developers explain the reasons for the latest interface changes that you’ve seen in the game.

Special: American Heavy Metal important

If you aren’t already a fan of American Heavy Metal, we guarantee you will be after you see this special!

Mapping the Progress: Canyon

This time we take a look at the recently introduced map, Canyon, to explore its immersive landscape and fascinating gameplay opportunities.

Rollin’ Replays Contest: British Fighters

The second edition of our popular contest calls for you to take a seat in your favourite British Fighter and let the replay function roll!

Premium Shop: A Hurricane of Offers important

A hurricane has swept through the Premium Shop and left behind a trail of awesome new offers for you to explore.

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