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Mapping the Progress: National Park 2.0

Take a tour of the redesigned ‘National Park’ and see how the map has evolved from previous versions to the way it looks in the recently introduced Version 1.5!

Video: Flight Academy – Episode 7

Our newest tutorial video explains how you can create, manage and best use flights to your advantage. Don’t miss it!

Premium Shop: The Week After! important

Do you need some good medicine to get over your post-gamescom blues? A handful of new, attractive Premium Shop offers might be just what the doctor ordered!

Special: Battle of the Eastern Solomons important

Our history coverage of the events of the Guadalcanal Campaign continues with a look at the Battle of the Eastern Solomons. Take in the story as you score great bonuses!

Follow the Leader - Last Episode

Our series of contests comes to an end. Learn about the winners of the last edition!

Version 1.5 Available Now! important

The new version is filled to the rafters with top-notch content that World of Warplanes fans have been waiting for. Find out all there is to know right here!

A Real Job for Ground Attack Planes – Part II

In this episode of the World of Warplanes Dev Blog, we continue looking at update 1.5’s system of Complex Ground Targets.

How the New ‘Battle Against Bots’ Works

While we’re waiting for Version 1.5 to arrive, check out this handy tutorial, showing you already today how the new battle type will work!

gamescom 2014 – Event Recap important

This year’s gamescom was a huge success and a real blast for everyone involved! Here are the highlights of the event.

gamescom Q&A Session

Check out the recap of our informative gamescom Q&A session with World of Warplanes developers Oleg & Michael!

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